Coach Nicoletti's U.S. History Page
Here you will find notes, class assignments, project information, and answers to any questions you or your parents may have throughout the year to help in your studies of United States History. Each unit will have it's own page with key terms, key people, important geographic information, and review questions to prepare for the unit exam.

Current Unit of Study (Industrialization and Reform Era):
  • Why do historians divide the past into eras?
    • History is divided into eras so it is easier to identify cause and effect relationships between people and events in history.

Currently (Week of February 8, 2016)
  • Begin Unit 8 - Industrialization and Reform
    • Industrial Revolution
      • Key Inventions
      • Slavery & Sectionalism
      • Immigration

Next Week (Week of February 15, 2016)
  • Reform Movements
    • Vocabulary Due - Tuesday
    • Project Due - Friday

Why study history?? - Here is a great article on why it is important to study history!

Why Study History?

Class Resources:

  • Quizlet - created specifically for my class. You can study on any phone, computer, or tablet device. They are broken down by Units.

  • Adobe Reader - you will need Adobe Reader to read many files downloaded from this site. It is a free program!